GRAPH3D: Stata module to draw colored, scalable, rotatable 3D plots by Robin Jessen and Davud Rostam-Afschar


graph3d for Stata

This page illustrates the use of graph3d.ado for Stata. See Stata. To download the graph3d package including the ado file type

Before running any of the examples, set up the exemplary dataset by running

What Stata experts say:

Nick Cox: I suspect graph3d is the best available.

Example 1: Default 3D-Plot

Example 2: Default 3D-Plot rotated by 75 degree about

the width-axis

Example 3: Wireframe default 3D-Plot

Example 4: Two-colored 3D-Plot

Example 5: Two-colored 3D-Plot with changing markers

Example 6: Equidistantly two-colored 3D-Plot

with changing markers

Example 7: Five-colored 3D-Plot with changing markers

Example 8: Grey scale 3D-Plot

Example 9: Snowball 3D-Plot

Example 10: Default 3D-Plot with outer grid-cuboid

Example 11: Default 3D-Plot with outer and inner grid-cuboids

Example 12: Perspective 3D-Plot

Example 13: Four-colored 2D-Plot

Example 14: An economics application: budget constraints

Example 15: graph3d for margins plot

Example 16: Happy Valentine's Day

Example 17: Growing 3D spiral

Example 18: Spining 3D sphere in 16:9

Example 19: Spining 3D sphere in 1:1

Example 20: Rotating banana function


Robin Jessen
Freie Universität Berlin

Davud Rostam-Afschar
Universität Hohenheim